Spring Maintenance Tips for Home Owners

For homeowners – especially those thinking of selling their homes – springtime home maintenance is critical. Read agent Galand Haas’s blog for spring maintenance tips that cover everything from beautification to spotting potential repairs before they turn into costly projects.

After a couple of decades as one of Eugene’s top selling agents, Galand Haas has seen it all and he knows that when it comes to our homes, a few ounces of prevention can help avoid a ton of repairs. Galand’s blog offers tips for indoor and outdoor maintenance and landscaping. He addresses critical areas for inspections and repairs, including HVAC (heating and cooling systems), roofing, flashing and seals, dryer vents, downspouts, and ceiling fans.

Let’s take one maintenance issue that can go from nuisance to big bucks if left uninspected: gutters and downspouts. Over the fall and winter, gutters and downspouts can become clogged, leading water to back up, potentially causing roof leaks and major damage. And, if downspouts discharge within 5 feet of your foundation, flooding is far more likely to occur. These are the kinds of things that are easily prevented if you simply take the time now, before the flowers bloom.

You can read the entire post on the Talk Realty Network blog

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